About Us

Communication Xperts provides Value Added Products that help manage your Small/Medium Sized business or  Enterprise

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Our Wireless Mobility products include:
• Wireless Expense Management Services-
Wireless Bill Audits – Save at least 20% off your monthly bill
• Bar-code Scanners – Inventory Management Control
• WiFi- VoIP over Wireless – Internet Telephone (Wireless) Services
• Connectivity – Data Cables, Car Chargers and Bluetooth Devices
• Mobile Wireless Routers – Keep your data card connected
• Green Initiative (Recycle and Solar – Recycle your old cell phone or iPhone and Blackberry Solar Chargers
• PDA Smartphone – Device Wipe & Data
Back-up Services
• Unlocked GSM Phones
• Wireless Insurance – Barcode Scanners or Unlocked Handset- Coming Soon

In today’s economy, most organizations are looking to cut costs. Does your company have a plan? CommXperts are dedicated wireless professionals that can help customize your cost-cutting measures and lead your organization on the path to success. We analyze your wireless security, mobile assets, and help control costs. Plus provide specific Wireless Products for your business needs.

Do you make any of these other errors?
• Sarbanes-Oxley’s Customer proprietary information.
• Leave wireless communication unsecured.
• Rely on Personal Liability instead of Corporate Liability.
• Enterprise Leverage more devices, more discounts available.
• Not managing devices and services among the workplace.
• Making wireless more difficult than it is?

Let us know how we can help: customerservice@commxperts.com