Wireless Device Back-Up


Communication Xperts offers complete control over your mobile fleet to effectively manage your business throughout the entire mobile device life-cycle Ready to Go!
• Get your mobile initiative up and running fast
• Are you tired of having to make sure each device is set up correctly before an employee can use it?
• Remember the hours spent setting the correct user configurations, loading approved applications and applying the most recent updates manually or by tethering to an administrator’s computer?
• If so, CommXperts makes it possible for you to remotely configure your mobile fleet over the air and in a matter of minutes without manual intervention. It’s never been easier to manage wireless smart devices.
CommXperts allows your device users to be up and running with their devices quickly by not having to do any setup or worry about having the correct firewall or VPN. You can set up one device or configure whole classes of devices and never require the user to do anything. Turn your next generation mobile devices into the true productivity tools they were meant to be.

Protect My Data!
  • Critical data assurance throughout the device life-cycle
  • With the security threat of a lost or stolen device, it is imperative that you have a way to reduce risk and wipe data from your mobile device.
  • You can backup:
    o Documents
    o Calendar Items
    o Contacts
    o Third Party Applications
    o SD card and more
  • Protect my Data – All over the air to a secure server without having to connect to your laptop. If your device is lost, or it resets, or it breaks you can restore all of your data to your device or to a new device.
  • Users can manually execute a backup for their device, schedule the backup session to happen regularly or an administrator can trigger a backup of the device remotely as well. If something happens to your device an administrator can remotely issue a backup command and then wipe your device so none of your information is lost or stolen.
Fix it Now!
  • Centralized control software for next generation mobile devices
  • When a mobile device has issues, it can be frustrating and costly to have the user call support and be talked through solving their problem. It can be even more expensive to take the device out of service, ship it to the IT department, manually correct the issue and ship it back.
  • Can you really afford to manage your devices this way?
  • CommXperts makes it easier than ever to interrogate a device for the current status, deploy updates or new installs of files and applications all over the air.
  • Fixes can be done quietly without requiring the user to find and download them. You can create commands or sets of commands to accomplish tasks.
  • Then with a single click, send and execute the command on one device or a group of devices.
Access it Now!
  • Maximizing the potential of mobile devices through current data
  • More and more employees are becoming mobile workers operating from home or on the road and they need a better way to get the materials required to do their job.
  • File and data distribution to smart devices have long been dependent on email attachments. Even then you never really know if the user got the file they needed or not. CommXperts offers the power to create custom catalogs of downloads for groups or even individual users and quickly distribute them over the air.
  • No matter what you are sending out; from the latest application or critical security patch to the most recent slide deck or last quarter’s financial results, CommXperts makes sure your files are delivered where they need to go, when they need to go.
  • CommXperts gives you the tools to quickly distribute graphics, sounds, media files, Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint slides directly to the device.
  • Provide them a user-initiated optional download or mandate their distribution as a remote administrator-triggered “push” to the device. Built in metrics and reports allow you to see exactly what files were downloaded by what users and when they received them.

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