Wireless Expense Management


Telecommunication Expense Management (TEM)

Wireless Airtime costs have increased with excessive usage as your workforce becomes more and more mobile. Cellular costs are becoming increasingly difficult to manage due to decentralized billing, more complex pricing schemes, and numerous choices in rate plans, equipment and wireless carriers.

With over 20 years of experience in telecommunications industry, Communication Xperts’ Expense Management team is uniquely equipped to uncover dramatic savings in your wireless bills while helping you manage your wireless expense going forward.
Communication Xperts Wireless Managers provides critical benefits:

  • Wireless Cost Management Cost Reductions – Monthly account analysis and rate plans optimization will assure the most cost effective rate structures with deeper negotiated discounts through your wireless carriers.
  • Wireless Inventory Control & Visibility – Wireless Maintenance allows easy access to the most important information from your wireless accounts without digging through piles of paper bills. Summary reports create visibility and control of your end-users while freeing valuable internal resources to focus on your companies more important initiatives.
  • Single Source Solution – We are the single-source for all your wireless needs. We provide one point of contact for Procurement and Purchasing for all your wireless accounts. Single sourcing allows consistent information and active inventory control and accountability.
  • Wireless Performance Support – Personal CARE Representatives and Technical
  • Support Staff are assigned for each of our clients. This provides dedicated customer service, account management and help-desk support, level I Technical Support, billing research and analysis, as well as wireless equipment and accessory purchasing. We are your one point of contact for each of your office administrators, dedicated to reducing internal time allocation and end office managers frustration.
  • Wireless Consulting Services – Providing our clients with the latest wireless technology and business solutions in the wireless industries. Our included consulting services can pair your strategies with the most appropriate application and wireless tools available in the industry.
  • Wireless Management Software is only a fraction of the Solution!

We are your Telecomm Expense Managers!

Some organizations require their employees to mark personal calls made from corporate paid equipment, such as cellular phones, and reimburse their employers.
This can help organizations to protect their communications bills from overuse, as employees become more aware of their calling habits. However, consider the cost of lost productivity and administrative time to perform this process every month. Automating this function can save enormous amounts of company time and money.

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